Benefits of a Clean and Organized Home

clean home with mirror and indoor plant

Your house, apartment, or shop could get dirty and unorganized from time to time. When you come home from work or school, you could have brought in some dirt, or due to your laziness, you don’t put things where they should be. Having an unclean and unorganized home could have a lot of negative impacts to your home, for example, it could distract you from what you are focusing, especially if you work at home, a messy home could also block you from relaxing since there are a lot of distractions, a messy home also could make us feel anxious, a messy home could also be embarrassing, especially when you have friends come over to your home.

An unorganized home could also make us feel frustrated when we look for an item but are unable to locate it. A messy house could give us a lot of negative impacts physically and mentally, it could also drive negative energy which could spread to each and every individual in your home. So remember to always clean and keep your home organized to avoid these problems. In the opposite side, having a clean and organized home could have a lot of benefits, so we have provided you below the benefits of a clean and organized home.

Safer surrounding

The risk of having accidents are low. Having an unorganized home could be risky since there is a lot of mess in the surroundings, but if you have an organized home you would free of any small accidents. So always make sure that your home is always organized,

Saves time

If you have an unorganized home, it could be time-consuming. For example, if you’re looking for something in a pile of things, it could waste some of your time. But if you have an organized home, you would be able to know where the item you’re looking for is located at, and you won’t have to go through obstacles to reach it which saves you time.

You’re able to perform other responsibilities

When you have an unorganized home, sometime you might lose important papers, like bills to pay. And when you have to pay a bill you won’t be able to look for it or it could take time, and if you’re not able to pay, you will be charged another fee which is a waste of money. On the other hand, if you have an organized home, you’re able to do your other responsibilities fast or ahead of time.

Reduces stress

Imagine coming home from work and you see your home filthy and messy, it could add a load of stress to you. But if having a clean and organized home reduces stress, because you see how responsible you are and how a good individual you are.

Positive energy

When having a messy house draws negative energy, having a clean and organized home draws positive energy, and when a positive energy hits one individual, it spreads to another affecting every individual in your home.


Having a clean and organized home gives you more focus on your responsibilities since there are no other obstacles or filth distracting you.

Increases self-confidence

Having a messy home could be embarrassing and could lower your self-esteem. But when you have a clean and organized home, if you bring friends or family to your home, they could compliment you for how such a responsible person you are, which adds up your self-confidence.

Good luck

According to the Chinese discipline Feng Shui, if you have a clean and well-organized home, good things will come into your life. You never know, it may be true, make this a motivation to keep your home clean and organized. So what are you waiting for? Get up and start cleaning!

7 Easy Ways to Add Italian Touches to Your Home

Italian flag in sky

7 Easy Ways to Add Italian Touches to Your Home

Italy, the country where most of everything is appealing, stunning, graceful, and beautiful. From nature to its people. Whether you like Italian modern home designs or Italian traditional designs, both styles will be beautiful and will give you pure satisfaction.

1. Know the traditional designs

Rustic is the keyword to a traditional style Italian home. From floor to ceiling, everything should look like you are back in the renaissance-era. Traditional designs include wooden framed paintings, tall wooden bookcases or bookshelves, rustic lamps, shiny mahogany chairs and tables, Italian paved walls and the large wooden framed windows. Having these applied to your home will make you feel like you’re living in a Tuscan countryside.

2. Know the modern designs

Italian modern home designs are reflective of possessing that sleek, and clean-lined outdoor and interior designs making your home look neat, bright, fashionable and elegant. Italian modern designs for homes include having those floor to ceiling window walls, or having a symmetrical home structural design. Italian modern home designs are quite far from the traditional home designs since the traditional styles have more furniture and items in the house, Italian modern style is more on being a minimalist when it comes to your furniture and items in your home. Modern style focuses on having more space so your home would look clean and neat.

3. The fusion of modern and traditional designs

This style is just easy and could satisfy more of your ambitions of having an Italian themed home. Just associate and blend in the clean, neat and sleek design and the rustic furnitures and home interiors to your home giving it the perfect blend of having both modern and traditional designs associated within.

4. Having an Italian-styled garden

Italian gardens are famous for its large and impressive fountains but you don’t need a fountain just to prove your garden is Italian styled. It is the shrubs and trees that can show how your garden will look Italian. Italian gardens are filled with designs, the Italian cypress, boxwoods, junipers and a few flowers are the common subjects used to give Italian gardens the elegant look. These plants are designed with various shapes giving more beauty to the garden. Limit the color of your garden because Italian gardens are ‘green’. Limit your color shades from 1 to 2 only.

5. Italian kitchen

Italy is well known for Italian food and culture. But how about where those delicious foods are made? Yes, the kitchen where all food lovers tend to be. Italian kitchens, you can either have the contemporary or the traditional, the modern has its shiny cabinets and appliances with those marble countertops and shiny fiberglass bar stools while the traditional Italian kitchen keeps everything wooden from the chairs to the cabinets and having iron utensil racks to iron stools giving it the traditional rustic look.

6. Floor patterns

Italian floors are decorative and they originated from ancient Greek and Roman traditions.

The styles show various shaped and hand painted ceramics making it a piece of art. Terracotta tiles are also used for their flooring giving it the traditional rustic look. Marble also is used for floors in Italian tradition fused with terracotta and the painted ceramic tiles will give your floor an artistic finish.

7. The interior decorations

All that shines, glitter, sparkle, and gloss from your door stoppers to your chandeliers. Italians like it shiny giving everything the elegance. You are more likely to put the drama to your decorations like your doorknobs having those antique dramatic designs and your candle holders having dramatic wavy patterns.